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Bourg-Charente is a picturesque village that lies on the banks of the River Charente, it has many treasures to discover including the listed church on the banks of green Charente, three castles, numerous fountains, bread ovens, … and much more.

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Grande Champagne Cru

Bourg-Charente lies in the heart of the Grande Champagne Cru, known for its cognac. It produces the finest cognacs in a zone of 34703 hectares, of which 17% is dedicated to production of cognac.

Cru is a French word for Growth Region. There are six different sub-regions (Cru) within Cognac. Each is graded by the French government according to the quality of the cognac produced there. The six Cru are from best to least, (1) Grande Champagne (2) Petite Champagne (3) Borderies (4) Fins Bois (5) Bons Bois and (6) Bois Ordinaires. Grande champagne is the first (and, according to many connoisseurs, the favored) cru.

Crus cognac

Château de Bourg (Grand Marnier House)

Originally built in the 13th Century as a moated castle, the property was extended and converted into a beautiful Château in 1528. The Marnier-Lapostolle family bought it in 1921. Château de Bourg is a suitably grandiose property for such a ‘grand’ liqueur and the main purpose of the property is presently the ageing of cognac in its eight ‘cellars’ which jointly hold some 30,000 casks. As anyone who has stayed there will also testify, the château is still used as a family residence too.

As is the usual practice in the region, the aging ‘cellars’ at Château de Bourg are actually warehouse structures built above ground but the ancient cellars set into the hillside beneath the property do house the company’s ‘Paradise’ where demijohns hold very old cognacs, some dating back to the early 1900s.


La Ribaudière

La Ribaudière is the only Michelin-starred restaurant in the area. This large contemporary villa has a garden that gently slopes down to the Charente. The terrace is superb and the lounge decorated in a very original white ‘pop’ style. The chef prepares fine cuisine along the same creative lines and is inspired by nature.

It also has private rooms and can cater for wedding receptions for up to 120 people.

Cooking classes are offered (up to 8 people).

Menu: 45€- 84€ – Carte: 80€-105€ A particularly interesting wine list.

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L’Epicerie of Ribaudière

Sale of fine products including; wines and spirits, oysters and lobsters.

Sale of cured products (ham, salami …), tableware.

Tastings by appointment.

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La Maison du Passeur (Grocery Shop/ Bar/ Restaurant/ Cafe)

Catering for lunch and dinner

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