Poitiers 1

Nobody should miss Poitiers, the delightful capital of the Poitou-Charentes region with 2000 years of rich history. Encircled by the Clain and Boivre rivers, Poitiers offers a network of quaint pedestrian streets and discovery trails dotted with quiet gardens and vibrant squares.

Architectural gem is Notre-Dame-la-Grande, one of the region’s finest Romanesque churches. On summer nights, the elaborately sculpted façade is illuminated to recreate the colours of the original painted statues.

Poitiers 2

Second largest leisure park in France, Futuroscope on the outskirts of Poitiers is packed with innovative activities for all the family. Synonymous with moving image technology since 1987, Futuroscope’s diverse attractions are all based on the senses and, in particular on our sense of vision.  And very few of them operate height restrictions, so young and old can share the experiences – and the memories.

Futuroscope 1

In February 2015, Futuroscope will be opening its whacky and futuristic Fun Xperiences Arena sports training centre where visitors can max out on the thrills in a range of wild new, entertaining sports games.

The Kube Mysteries is a new acrobatic, dance and digital arts show opening in April 2015, which will take visitors into a fantastical world.

And you can still check out: The Time Machine with the raving Rabbids, the Aerobar, an unusual foodtainment experience, Arthur the 4D Adventure, voted the best attraction in the world, and Lady Ô, the Futuroscope fairytale evening show

Easily accessible from Poitiers airport and by shuttle bus from the city centre, Futuroscope offers unlimited parking for motorists as well as a range of on-site hotels, and only closes in January.

Futuroscope 2