La Charente River

There is no doubt that the Charentes is a veritable haven for fishermen and that is because it offers the complete angling experience.

The Charentes waterways are extremely well-stocked with a large variety of fish and the beautiful countryside of the area makes spending time outdoors an absolute pleasure.

Fishing tackle is available to use.

Fishing 4

There can be no more perfect environment in which to indulge your passion for fishing.

Charentes is a captivating region of rolling upland pastures, gently sloping vineyards with their gnarled grape vines, fields of bright sunflowers turning their faces to the warming sun, medieval riverside villages with imposing Romanesque churches and lakes surrounded by ancient forests.

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Even when the fishing itself is not as productive as you might hope, it never seems a wasted day when you have shared it with kingfishers, swans, ducks, herons and the occasional hoopoe bird.

If you choose to stay at La Petite Maison, you need only walk to the bottom of the garden to begin your day of fishing.

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